LGB Delivering RhB Capricorn Railcar

LGB has started delivery of the Swiss Rhaetian Railway “Capricorn” railcar. The EMU is now available as a base model with two units, two different intermediate cars to complete the four unit Capricorn will be delivered by LGB in June.

A first video of the two unit Capricorn has appeared on YouTube:

Source: YouTube – Nico’s Gartenbahn (external link)

Products with MSRP:

  • 23100 Electric Multiple Unit, Type ABe 4/16 “Capricorn”, RhB, Era VI – € 1.990,00
  • 33100 Intermediate Car, ABe 4/16 “Capricorn” – € 599,00
  • 33150 Intermediate Car, ABe 4/16 “Capricorn” – € 599,00

Source: LGB

Bees Modellbahn & Kiss Deutschland Take Over BR 24, BR 64 and BR 01.5 from Spur 01

German retailer Bees Modellbahn – in cooperation with Kiss Modellbahnen Deutschland – has announced they will take over the production of the German BR 24, BR 64 and BR 01.5 steam locomotives in 1:32 scale from Spur 01.

Bees Modellbahn / Fine Models / Kiss Modellbahnen Deutschland BR 24, BR 64 & BR 01.5

Earlier this year, Spur 01 announced they would continue the portfolio of MBW Modellbahnen, but they now state they will only focus on a limited number of projects for 2023 and 2024.

Source: Spur 01 [DE] & Bees Modellbahn