PIKO Shows Early Sample of G Scale Nohab

A yearly tradition at the start of the year is PIKO’s press conference where they report on sales from the previous year, and where they present their new items for the upcoming year.

You can read the full transcript here: piko.de – Press Conference 2023 (external link).

In the pictures at the bottom of the article, PIKO also shows some early samples of both new developments for G scale this year: the Nohab diesel locomotive, and the ÖBB Railjet control car.

PIKO G Scale Nohab Sample

The Nohab will be released in an analog version (#37450) and a DCC version with sound (#37451).

ÖBB Railjet Control Car – out of focus, unfortunately!
PIKO G Scale ÖBB Railjet

The new Railjet control car (#37675) is designed to match with the Buffet car (#37669) – also a 2023 new item -, and both passenger cars (#37665 & #37666) and the Taurus locomotive (#37400) that were released in 2021.

Source: PIKO