Train Line Confirms Production of “Bernina Krokodil”

In 2022, Train Line announced several new items for the Rhaetian Railway (RhB), with the “Bernina Krokodil” electric locomotive being one of them. At the time, Train Line said the Krokodil would only be produced when the market showed enough interest, while all other 2022 New Items were already confirmed for production.

Train Line has now confirmed they will produce the Bernina Krokodil. Design and construction will start in Summer 2023, production is planned for 2024.

Train Line 2050400 RhB Bernina Krokodil
Image Source: Train Line

The Krokodil will be available in two versions:

  • 2050400 Electric Locomotive, Type Ge 4/4 “Bernina Krokodil”, RhB, #182 (Analog/DCC) – € 1.099,00
  • 2050402 Electric Locomotive, Type Ge 4/4 “Bernina Krokodil”, RhB, #182 (Analog/DCC with Sound) – € 1.379,00

Link: Train Line (external link) [DE]

Source: Train Line