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Modelbouw Boerman Update January 2023

Modelbouw Boerman has posted an update on their website stating they are not planning any new items for 2023.

Boerman will focus first on the delivery of the Harz 99 5906-5 steam locomotive (Q4/2023) and the type Vevey Rollböcke (Q3/2023) that were announced as 2022 New Items, before committing to any new developments.

Modelbouw Boerman Steam Locomotive Type Harz 99 5906-5 DR Era IV
Image Source: Modelbouw Boerman

Source: Modelbouw Boerman (external link) [DE/NL]

Preview: Train Line HSB Rollwagen & Modelbouw Boerman DR Es 5520

Coming soon: a review of Train Line’s 45 mm gauge HSB “Rollwagen”, and a matching 2 scale 64 mm gauge high-side gondola from Modelbouw Boerman to go with it. And a matching locomotive has arrived as well…

[Update] Image sets posted here:

Full review to follow together with the gallery and review of LGB’s HSB 99 236 steam locomotive.

Train Line G Scale 2m Scale HSB Rollwagen + Modelbouw Boerman 2 Scale 64 mm Gondola DR Es 5520

ESU New Items 2022

ESU announced their New Items for 2022. There’s no official brochure (yet?), but the highlight for large scale is probably their new “CabControl” DCC system.

CabControl is basically the feature package that we know from their ECoS system, but in a compact DCC central station “brick” combined with their handheld controller.

ESU 50311 CabControl DCC Large Scale
Image Source: ESU (via Large Scale Train Database)

Link: ESU 50311 (external link – DE)

Source: ESU