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Preview: Train Line HSB Rollwagen & Modelbouw Boerman DR Es 5520

Coming soon: a review of Train Line’s 45 mm gauge HSB “Rollwagen”, and a matching 2 scale 64 mm gauge high-side gondola from Modelbouw Boerman to go with it. And a matching locomotive has arrived as well…

[Update] Image sets posted here:

Full review to follow together with the gallery and review of LGB’s HSB 99 236 steam locomotive.

Train Line G Scale 2m Scale HSB Rollwagen + Modelbouw Boerman 2 Scale 64 mm Gondola DR Es 5520

LGB Deliveries in April 2022

  • 25703 Steam Locomotive, Type U, Zillertalbahn, #2, Era VI (DCC/mfx with Sound and Smoke)
  • 26252 Steam Locomotive, Type Saxon I M, K.Sächs.Sts.E.B., Era I/VI (DCC/mfx with Sound and Smoke) [LGB High End]
  • 26254 Steam Locomotive, 99 161, DR, Era III (DCC/mfx with Sound and Smoke) [LGB High End]
  • 32421 Freight Car, Type Fasslwagen, Zillertalbahn, Era VI
  • 33210 Passenger Car, Type AB 3, Zillertalbahn, Era VI
  • 33211 Passenger Car, Type B 20, Zillertalbahn, Era VI
  • 36600 Baggage Car, Amtrak, Era IV
  • 53009 Figures Set, Orient Express

Link: LGB Delivery Dates April 2022 (PDF – DE)

Source: LGB

LGB and Märklin Price Increase as of 1 May 2022

The Märklin group has announced they will be adjusting prices for all their brands as of 1 May 2022. With a reportedly 12 % increase in costs for the company, they have decided to increase MSRP prices for customers by 6 % across the board.

Thinking about ordering a LGB G Scale or Märklin 1 Scale item? Best to do it soon…

Source: Märklin

PIKO G Scale Deliveries in March 2022

  • 37331 Electric Railcar, Type “Gläserner Zug”, DB, Era IV (DCC with Sound)
  • 37443 Electric Locomotive BR 103, “Lufthansa”, DB, Era IV (DCC with Sound)
  • 37668 Passenger Car, Type Bpmz 296, “Lufthansa”, White / Yellow, DB, Era IV
  • 38660 Drover’s Caboose, PRR #21015
  • 38778 Flat Car, D&RGW, Set of 2
  • 38779 Flat Car, PRR, Set of 2
  • 38923 Reefer, “American Traditions”, “Baseball”
  • 38942 Reefer, “American Traditions”, “The Declaration of Independence”

Link: PIKO Deliveries March 2022 (PDF – DE)

Source: PIKO