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Last Updated: 3 September 2022

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Large Scale

Large Scale?

Model Railroad Standards


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There’s three things you need to know and/or decide on when it comes to track:

  • Rail Height (a.k.a. “code”)
  • Material (depending on indoor use vs outdoor use, materials include: brass, stainless steel, aluminium, …)
  • Geometry (the radius/diameter of the curves and switches you will use and/or the available space allows) 

Train Control

Train Control Systems – An Introduction

Analog / DC

Digital / DCC Systems

Wireless Digital / DCC Systems

  • Aristo-Craft / Crest Electronics / Revo Electronics “Revolution Train Engineer DCC”
  • CVP “AirWire”
  • Tam Valley Depot “Dead Rail System”
  • QSI/NCE “G-Wire”

Digital / DCC Decoders & Sound Decoders

  • Dietz
  • Digitrax
  • ESU “LokPilot” & “LokSound”
  • Märklin “mfx”
  • Massoth “eMOTION”
  • PIKO
  • QSI
  • Uhlenbrock
  • ZIMO

Third Party DCC Sound Providers

  • Bremoha (external link) – for ZIMO [Out of Business since November 2021]
  • Heinz Dappen (external link) – for ZIMO – Euro and US sound projects
  • LeoSoundLab (external link) – for ESU LokSound – mainly Euro standard gauge for smaller scales)
  • Schwoboda (external link) – for ESU LokSound – Euro HSB narrow gauge

Smoke Units

  • ESU Pulsed Smoke Units
  • Massoth Pulsed Smoke Units


  • Aristo-Craft / Crest Electronics / Revo Electronics “Revolution Train Engineer”
  • PIKO R/C

Legacy Systems

  • Digital – Proprietary – LGB “MTS” / “MZS” (DE)
  • Digital – Wireless DCC – Massoth DRC 300
  • RC – Train Line “Easy Train Control”
  • RC – Train Line “WLAN”


Rolling Stock


Product Lines

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