Electric Switch Control Analog

Last Updated: 27 August 2021


Switches / turnouts from various G scale manufacturers usually come as a manually operated switch. The switches come with a small mechanism to change the position of the points. For example, the left picture shows a manual switch drive from LGB. The right picture shows a manual switch from PIKO which features a small metal spring (hidden beneath a plastic cover) and a plastic lever to make the points jump in the correct position.

LGB 12060 Manual Switch DrivePIKO G Manual Switch Lever

These manual switches can easily be converted into an electric switch, this page shows what you need and how you get them working.


To convert a manual switch into an electrically operated switch, you need a few components:

  • Electric Switch Drive – You need to remove the manual switch mechanisms, and install an electric switch drive. Electric switch drives are available from e.g. LGB (#12010) & PIKO (#35271).
  • Switch Control Box – A switch control box is needed to throw the switches, these are also available from LGB and PIKO.
  • Power Supply – to power the switch control box.
  • Wires

Want to know more about these individual components? Recommended reading: LGB “EPL” Components Overview & Alternatives.

Wiring Diagram

The wiring diagram below shows an example of an LGB electric switch connected to an LGB switch control box. The switch control box is powered by a power supply ( black ‘3’ / grey ‘4’ connections).

Up to four switches can be controlled with LGB’s switch control box, the wiring diagram shows an electric switch connected to the ‘B’ terminals of the control box. The example shows a connection using grey/orange wires, of course you can use whatever colour you like. Just make sure you follow the colour coding of the terminals on the switch drive and control box.

The switch can now be thrown with the press of a button.

LGB EPL / PIKO Electric Switch Control

Source: LGB, PIKO