ESU ECoS 2.1 Digital System

Last Updated: 30 August 2021

System Overview

ESU is one of the largest players in the market when it comes to electronics. ESU’s digital DCC system called “ECoS” is most popular in the smaller scales, but can equally well be used for large scale.

The ECoS from ESU is a digital central station and controller at the same time. Trains can be controlled simultaneously via the two large throttle knobs, the function keys or the 7 inch touch display. The advantage of this design is that it’s very easy to control two locomotives at the same time, and scrolling through menus is quick and easy using the touchscreen or the analog joysticks.

ESU 50210 ECoS 2.1 Command Station Large Scale

ESU’s ECoS is a multi-protocol command station. ECoS supports DCC, Märklin Motorola, Selectrix, and the M4 (Märklin mfx compatible) data protocol. For large scale use, DCC is of course the most important. The ECoS command station sports a network port for connection with a computer. Thus you can update the software or use a computer (program) for operation of your trains.

Power output of the ECoS is limited to 6 Amps, which is a welcome increase over the previous generation which only packed 4 Amps of power. Like other digital systems, you can attach a booster to supply additional power to your railway. ESU offers a so called “ECoSBoost” booster with 7 Amps of extra power.

ESU 50210 ECoSBoost Large Scale

As the screen is integrated into the central unit, the ECoS command station is not ideal to walk around with in the garden. ESU offers a handheld controller “Mobile Controller II”, which is basically a small, customized Android smartphone with a controller knob. The Mobile Controller communicates with the ECoS central station over WLAN. Up to 16 handheld controllers can be connected. As with many ‘smart’ systems these days, you should wonder how long these Android-like systems will be supported in the future.

ESU 50113 50114 Mobile Control II

Available Components (EU)

  • ESU 50210 ECoS 2.1 Command Station, 6 A – € 699,99 (MSRP 2021)
  • ESU 50012 ECoSBoost 7 A – € 249,00 (MSRP 2021)
  • ESU 50113 Mobile Control II (Complete Starter Kit) – € 319,99 (MSRP 2018)
  • ESU 50114 Mobile Control II (Controller only) – € 299,99 (MSRP 2018)
  • Discontinued – ESU 50010 ECoSBoost 4 A – € 239,00 (MSRP 2018)
  • Discontinued – ESU 50011 ECoSBoost 8 A – € 439,00 (MSRP 2018)

Technical Specifications (EU)

  • ECoS
    • Output Voltage: 15 V to 21 V (adjustable)
    • Output Power: 6 A
    • Unit Type: Central Station with Integrated Controller
    • Controller Type: Touchscreen (7″ TFT, colour display, 800×480 px), Throttle Knobs, Analog Joysticks, Function Keys
    • Delivery Scope: ECoS 2.1 Central Station, stylus for touchscreen, power supply
    • Dimensions: 370 x 160 x 90 mm
  • ECoSBoost
    • Delivery Scope: ECoSBoost unit, power supply
    • Dimensions: 180 x 76 x 40 mm

Pros & Cons

+ Large colour display
+ Easy operation of two locomotives at the same time
+ PC connection
+ Optional handheld controller
– Base unit not portable
– No official mobile app available, but community-made apps are available
– Booster required for larger railways
– Long term support of optional handheld controller is a question mark

Links & Downloads

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