G Scale Rolling Stock Maintenance

Last Updated: 21 May 2022

Large Scale Rolling Stock Maintenance

Regular maintenance of your large scale locomotives and rolling stock is essential to keep them running smoothly for years. It’s a boring job, but absolutely necessary to guarantee a long lifespan.

Locomotives need regular servicing of their gearbox and critical components like the valve gear on a steam locomotive. The manual that came with your locomotive usually tells you how often to perform maintenance, and which points require special attention.

Passenger cars and freight cars need far less maintenance of course, but it’s good to check them from time to time for defects. The wheels may be out of gauge, and the trucks may show wear or defects.

Maintenance Tips

PIKO America did a series of five videos to show you how to perform maintenance on their PIKO locomotives. A lot of the provided information applies to other brands as well, so it’s definitely worth it to watch the videos.

Cleaning Drive Wheels

Cleaning Pick-up Shoes

“Oil Only What Squeaks”

Surface Cleaning

Inside The Locomotive Checkup

Maintenance Tools

To do: make a list of available tools and supplies for maintenance…