K-Line / USA Trains / Bachmann Speeders

Last Updated: 25 April 2022

K-Line / USA Trains / Bachmann Speeders History:

Early 2016, Bachmann surprised us with the announcement of a series of “Eggliners” and speeders. The Eggliners were made popular by Aristo-Craft, and apparently the moulds ended up at Bachmann. The newly announced speeders seemed familiar as well… Someone commented on my Facebook page that the speeders looked like the same ones produced by “K-Line”, while I had the USA Trains speeders in mind.

After some research, it seems like the speeders were originally introduced by K-Line. K-Line was a brand name of O gauge and S gauge rolling stock, the speeders were their only G scale offering. I found the photo below at a marketplace website, showing K-Line’s G scale speeder in a yellow Pennsylvania paint scheme. I don’t know how many other paint schemes were available at the time, I only found two other product numbers. Those are listed further down this page.

K-Line G Scale Speeder
Photo source: Dash Model Trains (link not working anymore 2022)

Following K-Line’s bankruptcy, it seems like the speeder moulds ended up at USA Trains. I don’t know the exact date, but USA Trains seems to have introduced them somewhere in 2008/2009. USA Trains produced the speeders in a variety of paint schemes, which are listed further down the page. The picture below shows a USA Trains speeder in a green New York Central paint scheme.

USA Trains R22657 Speeder New York Central

Now in 2016, Bachmann has taken over the speeder moulds from USA Trains. Four initial paint schemes are announced, and maybe more will follow in the coming years? The picture below shows the Bachmann speeder in a silver Union Pacific paint scheme.

Bachmann 96250 Speeder Union Pacific

On the picture of K-Line’s speeder, the box carries a price tag of $ 49,95. USA Trains’ speeders were listed for $ 114,95. Bachmann has increased the MSRP to $ 139,00.

Product Numbers

K-Line Speeders

  • K92001 Speeder “Pennsylvania”, Yellow
  • K92002 Speeder “Southern Pacific”, Orange
  • K92003 Speeder “Santa Fe”, Silver
  • … ?

USA Trains Speeders

  • R22650 Speeder “MOW”, Grey
  • R22651 Speeder “Santa Fe”, Silver
  • R22652 Speeder “Union Pacific”, Yellow
  • R22653 Speeder “Southern Pacific”, Silver
  • R22654 Speeder “Rio Grande”, Silver/Orange
  • R22655 Speeder “Western Pacific”, Silver/Red
  • R22656 Speeder “Pennsylvania”, Tuscan
  • R22657 Speeder “New York Central”, Jade Green
  • R22658 Speeder “Chessie System”, Yellow/Blue
  • R22659 Speeder “Canadian Pacific”, Silver
  • R22660 Speeder “Boston & Maine”, Blue
  • R22661 Speeder “Alaska”, Blue/Yellow
  • R22662 Speeder “Colorado & Southern”, Brown
  • R22663 Speeder “Long Island”, Red
  • … ?

Bachmann Speeders

  • 96250 Speeder “Union Pacific”
  • 96251 Speeder “PRR Maintenance of Way”
  • 96252 Speeder “Santa Fe”
  • 96253 Speeder “Maintenance of Way”

Source: Wikipedia – K-Line / USA Trains / Bachmann