PIKO G Digital System

Last Updated: 30 August 2021

System Overview

PIKO teamed up with Massoth for their “G” scale digital system. PIKO’s large scale DCC system can be seen as the little sister to Massoth’s “DiMAX” digital system.

A full PIKO digital system consists of the following elements: the central station unit, a power supply, a “Navigator” handheld controller and a wireless receiver needed which allows wireless operation between the central station and the Navigator.

PIKO’s DCC central station offers up to 5 Amps of output power, at a constant track voltage of 20 Volts. PIKO offers a matching power supply for both the European and American market.

The central station does not feature a PC connection, which means it cannot be used to control your trains with software on the computer, neither can the firmware of the central unit be updated by the end user. For most users, this will not be necessary, but it’s good to keep in mind with regards to the longevity of the product. To my knowledge, you can ship it to PIKO to have it updated, but I assume this service is not free.

PIKO G 35010 Central Station Unit 5 A

The “Navigator” is a handheld controller featuring a backlit display, a speed controller knob and several push buttons. The Navigator can be used for both wired and wireless operation. For wireless operation of the Navigator, you need a separately available wireless receiver unit that is attached to the central station unit. PIKO’s Navigator is based on Massoth’s version, but lacks the lighted keys.

PIKO G 35037 Navigator V2 2,4 GHz

If the 5 Amps of the central station is not enough for your railway, PIKO offers a 5 Amps booster to give you extra power.

PIKO G 35015 Booster 5 A

As stated above, the PIKO system is basically a mini Massoth system, but with PIKO badges on it. If you look at the components list below, and compare it to the list on Massoth’s DiMAX info page, you’ll see that the PIKO components actually tend to be more expensive than the Massoth counterpart. Of course, you can do whatever you want (brand loyalty, support offered by your retailer, …), but this seems to be the way-to-go:

  • PIKO Central Station
  • PIKO Power Supply
  • Massoth Navigator 2,4 GHz
  • Massoth Wireless Receiver 2,4 GHz

If you were to outgrow the PIKO’s system capacities (e.g. limited output power, lack of PC port), you would only need to swap out the central station & power supply with a Massoth unit, and you can keep using the Navigator like you’re used to.

Available Components (EU)

  • PIKO G 35010 Central Station Unit 5 A – € 285,00 / $ 384.99
  • Power Supply
    • PIKO G 35000 Power Supply (EU) – € 163,00
    • PIKO G 35020 Power Supply (US) – $ 124.99
  • Navigator
    • PIKO G 35037 Navigator V2 2,4 GHz – € 300,00 / $ 374.99
    • Discontinued – 35011 Navigator (EU)
    • Discontinued – 35021 Navigator (US)
  • Wireless Receiver
    • PIKO G 35038 Wireless Receiver V2 2,4 GHz – € 140,00 / $ 174.99
    • Discontinued – 35012 Wireless Receiver (EU)
    • Discontinued – 35022 Wireless Receiver (US)
  • PIKO G 35015 Booster 5 A – € 259,00 / $ 394.99

Prices: MSRP 2021

Technical Specifications (EU)

  • Central Station
    • Output Voltage: 20 V
    • Output Power: 5 A
    • Input Voltage: 16 – 24 V DC
    • Delivery Scope: Central Station, no power supply
  • Navigator
    • Delivery Scope: Navigator, cable
  • Wireless Receiver
    • Delivery Scope: Receiver unit, antenna, bus cable for analogue operation, bus cable for digital operation
  • Booster
    • Output Voltage: 20 V
    • Output Power: 5 A
    • Input Voltage: 16 – 22 V DC/AC
    • Delivery Scope: Central Station, no power supply
  • Power Supply
    • Output: 22 V / 100 VA DC
    • Input Voltage: depends on region/versions
    • Dimensions: 230 x 110 x 80 mm
    • IP 67

Pros & Cons

+ Affordable (although prices of the PIKO system went up over the years)
+ Produced by Massoth, proven quality
– Limited output power
– No PC connection
– PIKO components are more expensive than Massoth counterparts

Links & Downloads

Source: PIKO / PIKO America