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MBW Ceases Operations – “Spur 01 Modellbahnen” Continues

German small series manufacturer MBW Modellbahnen – owned by Frank Elze – has ceased operations due to health concerns. MBW produced hand-made models in 0 scale and 1 scale.

The new firm “Spur 01 Modellbahnen” – owned by Sascha Elze and Pierre Elze – will continue with (a part of) the MBW portfolio.

For 1 scale, the DB BR 24 and BR 64 steam locomotives are planned for late summer 2023. In 2024, the BR 44 should follow. All other former MBW projects may be considered to be on hold, the lower cost die-cast V 60 & V 90 locomotives are cancelled.

Link: Spur 01 (external link) [DE]

Source: Spur 01 Modellbahnen

New Announcements for 1 Scale from Kiss Modellbahnen Schweiz

Kiss Modellbahnen Schweiz has announced the following new items in 1 Scale:

Container Car Type Sgns (DB, SBB) – MSRP € 795,00 / CHF 690 + Containers (20 ft – € 72,00 / 40 ft – € 87,00) – Delivery: 2023
Kiss Modellbahnen Schweiz 1 Scale Container Car Type Sgns (DB, SBB)

SBB Panoramic Car Type Apm 61 – MSRP € 1.165,00 / CHF 1.050,00 – Delivery: 2023
Kiss Modellbahnen Schweiz 1 Scale SBB Panoramic Car Type Apm 61

SBB Passenger Car Type “Einheitswagen II” – MSRP € 2.600,00 / CHF 2.350,00 – Delivery: Q1 2024
Kiss Modellbahnen Schweiz 1 Scale SBB Passenger Car Type

Source: Kiss Modellbahnen Schweiz (external link) [DE]

MBW Shows Samples of 1 Scale BR 24 & BR 64

MBW Modellbahnen has recently finished the pre-production samples of their BR 24 and BR 64 steam locomotives in 1:32 scale.

The BR 64 was sold out already, but MBW has decided to open up their web page for additional orders for a limited time. MSRP € 2.790,00. Expected delivery in July 2023.

A sample of the BR 64 is shown in a video on YouTube channel “iSteam”:

Source: YouTube – iSteam (external link)

MBW’s BR 24 is fully sold out at MBW, although you might find retailers with a limited stock. MSRP € 3.290,00. Expected delivery in May 2023.

The BR 24 sample is shown as a slideshow video:

Source: YouTube – iSteam (external link)

Dingler Shows Sample of 1 Scale Wismar Railbus

Dingler has published several images of the pre-production sample of their 1 Scale “Wismar Railbus” (DE: “Wismarer Schienenbus“) on their website.

Link: Dingler Wismarer Schienenbus (external link) [DE].

The Wismar Railbus will be delivered in the second quarter of 2023 in eight different variants. LSTN is not sure if the model can still be (pre)ordered, best to get in touch with Dingler in case of interest. MSRP € 3.450,00.

Dingler 1 Scale Wismar Railbus / Spur 1 Wismarer Schienenbus
Image Source: Dingler

Source: Dingler