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Bachmann Announces ex-Aristo EMD GP40

Bachmann announces they will bring the EMD GP40 diesel locomotive in 1:29 scale. Like the Dash 9, this will be a reissue of the locomotive that was produced by Aristo-Craft in the past.

The following versions will be available in Large Scale:

  • 91901 Diesel Locomotive, Type EMD GP40, CSX, #4409
  • 91902 Diesel Locomotive, Type EMD GP40, Norfolk Southern, #3057
  • 91903 Diesel Locomotive, Type EMD GP40, Santa Fe, #2964
  • 91904 Diesel Locomotive, Type EMD GP40, Union Pacific, #864

Bachmann Trains Large Scale Announcement EMD GP40 Diesel 1:29 Scale (ex Aristo-Craft)

Source: YouTube – Bachmann Trains

Bachmann Delivers New Baldwin 4-6-0 Locomotives

Bachmann is delivering their new Baldwin 4-6-0 steam locomotive, which comes in four variants:

  • 91801 Baldwin 4-6-0 D&RGW Flying Grande #170
  • 91803 Baldwin 4-6-0 D&RGW Bumblebee #176
  • 91804 Baldwin 4-6-0 Black, Unlettered
  • 91805 Baldwin 4-6-0 Christmas

The 4-6-0’s are analog, but are ready for installation of a (sound) decoder as they already contain a loudspeaker. MSRP $ 999.00.

Source: Bachmann Trains