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PIKO Announces G Scale Nohab Diesel Locomotive for 2023

PIKO published the cover image for their 2023 New Items flyer, revealing the Nohab diesel locomotive as a completely new development.

PIKO G Scale New Item 2023 / Spur G Neuheit 2023 Nohab
Image Source: PIKO

The “Nohab” type AA16 / MY diesel locomotive is a European variant of the American EMD type F series, produced by Swedish company NOHAB under license of GM.

Train Line Announces 2022 Summer New Items

Train Line announced their Summer New Items for 2022. While the focus of their 2022 New Items was on Swiss RhB narrow gauge, the 2022 Summer New Items are focused on the historic HSB narrow gauge railway.

Link: Train Line Summer New Items 2022

Highlight is the “Salonwagen”, and an additional passenger car to be part of the Harz “Traditionszug”. Both cars would match well with Train Line’s own HSB locomotives, as well as LGB’s recently delivered Harz T 3 railcar.

Train Line Gartenbahn HSB Salonwagen Traditionszug (Summer New Item 2022 Sommer Neuheit 2022)

Train Line is also reissuing some passenger cars in DR livery with new road numbers.

Source: Train Line (DE)

Bachmann Announces ex-Aristo EMD GP40

Bachmann announces they will bring the EMD GP40 diesel locomotive in 1:29 scale. Like the Dash 9, this will be a reissue of the locomotive that was produced by Aristo-Craft in the past.

The following versions will be available in Large Scale:

  • 91901 Diesel Locomotive, Type EMD GP40, CSX, #4409
  • 91902 Diesel Locomotive, Type EMD GP40, Norfolk Southern, #3057
  • 91903 Diesel Locomotive, Type EMD GP40, Santa Fe, #2964
  • 91904 Diesel Locomotive, Type EMD GP40, Union Pacific, #864

Bachmann Trains Large Scale Announcement EMD GP40 Diesel 1:29 Scale (ex Aristo-Craft)

Source: YouTube – Bachmann Trains

LGB Announces Zittauer Schmalspurbahn New Items

LGB has announced several new items at a special event at the German museum railroad “Zittauer Schmalspurbahnen”, known for operating old Saxon motive power and rolling stock.

LGB SOEG New Items 2022

26846 Steam Locomotive, Type Saxon IV K, Green, #184, SOEG, Era VI (DCC/mfx with Sound and Smoke) – € 1.029,00

LGB SOEG New Items 2022

43600 Boxcar, Type Saxon GGw, Grey, #2056K, SOEG, Era VI – € 269,00

LGB SOEG New Items 2022

43601 High-Side Gondola, Type Saxon OOw, Brown, #5113K, SOEG, Era VI – € 239,00

LGB SOEG New Items 2022

Image Source: Facebook – LGB

Source: LGB