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PIKO G Delivery Plan for New Items 2022

Below, you’ll find the planned delivery on a quarterly basis for PIKO’s G Scale 2022 New Items.

37583 Diesel Locomotive BR 132, DR, Era IV (DCC with Sound)
37667 Passenger Car, Type Apmx, 1st Class, DB, Era IV
38233 Steam Locomotive with Tender 2-6-0 “Mogul”, SF (DCC with Sound and Smoke)
38234 Steam Locomotive with Tender 2-6-0 “Mogul”, D&RGW (DCC with Sound and Smoke)
38657 Passenger Car, PRR
38658 Passenger Car, PRR
38659 Combine Car, PRR
38660 Drover’s Caboose, PRR
38778 Flat Car D&RGW, Set of 2
38779 Flat Car PRR, Set of 2
38923 Boxcar “American Traditions”, “Baseball”
38935 Hopper “Happy Easter”
38942 Boxcar “American Traditions”, “The Declaration of Independence”
38947 Caboose D&RGW #0524
38948 Caboose UP #25115

37011 Flat Car w/ 20′ Container, ÖBB, Era V
37232 Steam Locomotive BR 95 Neubaukessel, DR, Era IV (DCC with Sound and Smoke)
37443 Electric Locomotive BR 103, “Lufthansa”, DB, Era IV (DCC with Sound)
37593 Diesel Locomotive BR 346, Pressnitztalbahn, Era VI (DCC with Sound)
37668 Passenger Car, Type Bpmz 296, “Lufthansa” , DB, Era IV
37796 Cement Silo Car, DR, Era IV
37841 Measurement Car
37850 Hopper Car, DR, Era IV
37965 Boxcar, “Born”, DR, Era III
37970 Brick Building Flat Car
38510 Diesel Locomotive, Type GE 25 Ton, PRR (RC with Sound)
38512 Diesel Locomotive, Type GE 25 Ton, KLW (RC with Sound)
38781 Tank Car “Texaco”
38782 Tank Car “Sinclair”
38931 Ore Car D&RGW, Set of 2
38933 Ore Car w/ Load B&O, Set of 2
38934 Rib-Side Hopper, CSX #811001
38940 Hopper “Vintage Warbirds”, “C-47”
38945 Caboose, SF #1208

37010 High-Side Gondola Type Eaos, SBB, Era VI
37155 Starter Set GE 25 Ton w/ Brick Building Flat Cars (R/C)
37512 Diesel Locomotive BR 218, Orient Red w/ Bib, DB AG, Era V (DCC with Sound)
37571 Diesel Locomotive BR 118, DR, Era IV (DCC with Sound)
37632 Passenger Car, 2nd Class, DB AG, Era V
37633 Passenger Car, 1st/2nd Class, DB AG, Era V
37636 Control Car, Type Wittenberg, DB AG, Era V
37842 Baggage Car, DR, Era III
37966 Boxcar w/ Brake Cab, “Fit”, DR, Era III
38109 Freight Starter Set WP&Y (R/C with Analog Sound and Smoke) [120 V Exclusive USA]
38509 Diesel Locomotive, Type GE 25 Ton, SF (RC with Sound)
38511 Diesel Locomotive, Type GE 25 Ton, US Army (RC with Sound)
38941 Boxcar “American Traditions”, “John Henry”
38946 Caboose, PRR #471903

37250 Steam Locomotive BR 94, DR, Era V (Analog with Smoke)
37251 Steam Locomotive BR 94, DR, Era V (DCC with Sound with Smoke)
37309 Railbus w/ Trailer Type VT 98 / VS 98, DB, Era IV (DCC with Sound)
37724 Tarp Car, Type Schimmns, DB Cargo, Era V
37773 Coal Container Car, DR, Era IV
37967 Tank Car w/ Brake Platform, “Eva”, DB, Era IV

LGB Delivers Saxon Type VII K Steam Locomotive

LGB has delivered the Saxon Type VII K steam locomotive at the end of December, and the first impression videos are now available on YouTube. Have a look here.

Source: YouTube – LGB Maienstein Modellbahn

The locomotive is already sold out the factory, but may still be available at retailers. Art.No. 21480, MSRP € 1.590,00.

LGB Delivers RhB Container Car

LGB is shipping their new container car in service of the RhB with a container in a yellow “Die Post” livery.

LGB Article Number 45925, MSRP € 249,00.

German shop FGB Berlin has a few pictures online: Website – FGB-Berlin

LGB 45925 Container Car RhB Die Post (Image Credit: FGB Berlin)
Image Source: FGB-Berlin

Another container car is scheduled for delivery in December, this time with a refrigerated container in a white RhB livery. LGB Article Number 45926, MSRP € 249,00.

LGB 45926 Container Car RhB (Image Credit: Large Scale Train Database)
Image Source: LGB (via Large Scale Train Database)