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LGB Delivers RhB Container Car

LGB is shipping their new container car in service of the RhB with a container in a yellow “Die Post” livery.

LGB Article Number 45925, MSRP € 249,00.

German shop FGB Berlin has a few pictures online: Website – FGB-Berlin

LGB 45925 Container Car RhB Die Post (Image Credit: FGB Berlin)
Image Source: FGB-Berlin

Another container car is scheduled for delivery in December, this time with a refrigerated container in a white RhB livery. LGB Article Number 45926, MSRP € 249,00.

LGB 45926 Container Car RhB (Image Credit: Large Scale Train Database)
Image Source: LGB (via Large Scale Train Database)

LGB Announces RhB “Capricorn” for 2022

The Swiss RhB railway has introduced the Type ABe 4/16 electric multiple unit in service in 2020, LGB has now announced they will produce a G scale model of the “Capricorn” nicknamed railcar in 2022.

LGB’s introductory video is in German, but at least you get an impression of the railcar in action on the Rhaetian Railway.

Source: YouTube – LGB

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