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Kiss Modellbahnen Schweiz Announces RhB “Capricorn” in 2m Scale

Not too long ago, LGB announced they will produce the RhB “Capricorn” railcar in G scale for 2022.

Kiss Modellbahnen Schweiz now announces a premium 2m scale model of the railcar as well, yet of course in a much more premium fashion (and price).

  • 610 3111 – Electric Multiple Unit, Type ABe 4/16 Capricorn, RhB, Era VI, Red, #3111 “Piz Ela” [Limited Edition, 15 pcs]
  • 610 3112 – Electric Multiple Unit, Type ABe 4/16 Capricorn, RhB, Era VI, Red, #3112 “Schesaplana” [Limited Edition, 15 pcs]
  • 610 3113 – Electric Multiple Unit, Type ABe 4/16 Capricorn, RhB, Era VI, Red, #3113 “Calanda” [Limited Edition, 20 pcs]
  • 610 3133 – Electric Multiple Unit, Type ABe 4/16 Capricorn, RhB, Era VI, Champagne, #3133 “Piz Palü” – [Limited Edition, 10 pcs] – Already Sold Out

MSRP: € 10.540,00.

Kiss Modellbahnen Schweiz RhB ABe 4/16 Capricorn

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Source: Kiss Modellbahnen Schweiz (external link – DE)

Video of LGB High End Ge 6/6 I “Krokodil”

LGB recently delivered the RhB Type Ge 6/6 I “Krokodil” electric locomotive in their “High End” line. The Krokodil has been delivered in two variants:

  • LGB 26600 Electric Locomotive, Type Ge 6/6 I “Krokodil”, Brown, #414 RhB, Era VI – € 3.590,00
  • LGB 26602 Electric Locomotive, Type Ge 6/6 I “Krokodil”, Blue, #412 RhB, Era V (LGB/Bemo Exclusive Livery 2005-2008) – € 3.590,00

YouTube channel “StefansGartenbahn” posted a first impression video in cooperation with German shop FGB-Berlin.

Source: YouTube – StefansGartenbahn

Another version of the “High End” Krokodil will be announced early next year (I assume) in an ever more special iridescent paint scheme. It’s shown in the YouTube video below together with a (German) interview with LGB/Märklin staff.

Source: YouTube – Spaßbahn Dekoder

LGB Delivers RhB Container Car

LGB is shipping their new container car in service of the RhB with a container in a yellow “Die Post” livery.

LGB Article Number 45925, MSRP € 249,00.

German shop FGB Berlin has a few pictures online: Website – FGB-Berlin

LGB 45925 Container Car RhB Die Post (Image Credit: FGB Berlin)
Image Source: FGB-Berlin

Another container car is scheduled for delivery in December, this time with a refrigerated container in a white RhB livery. LGB Article Number 45926, MSRP € 249,00.

LGB 45926 Container Car RhB (Image Credit: Large Scale Train Database)
Image Source: LGB (via Large Scale Train Database)

Train Line Announces 2022 New Items

Train Line announced their New Items for 2022.

Link: Train Line New Items 2022

New will be the RhB diesel locomotives of type Gmf 4/4, and type Tm(f) 2/2.

Train Line will also produce the RhB Type Ge 4/4 “Bernina Krokodil” electric locomotive, only if a sufficient number of preorders has been achieved. The introductory prices are valid until 31/12/2021.

Their next focus is on delivering the HSB T1 rail cars, followed by the RhB Type Ge 4/6 electric locomotive, both of which were announced in earlier years.

Source: Train Line Gartenbahnen